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Our teachers give tirelessly to our students.  They provide a quality education and are faith-filled role models.  Below is a list of items they would like to have for their classrooms.  


  • packets of single-color construction paper

  • reams of single-color copy paper

  • reams of color cardstock

  • website & magazine subscriptions (Time for Kids, Scholastic News, etc)

  • playground/PE equipment

  • recovery cot 

  • No. 10 white envelopes

  • Gift Cards to Target, Walmart, Lakeshore Learning, office supply stores, JoAnn Fabric, Half-Price Books, Barnes & Noble


Research shows that a student's academic acheivement increases when parents are not only involved, but engaged in their student's education and the school community.  There are a variety of ways that you can become involved.  Please call today, 913.722.1032.

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